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Difficult stakeholders

Some stakeholders can be very difficult. Watch this video to learn about how you can deal with them through treating them with respect and understanding the root cause of their negativity.

Crown casino

Sometimes the stakeholders are most unwelcome. Watch this video to learn about Crown Casino’s latest construction project – a huge ‘high roller’ casino on the edge of Sydney Harbour. Crown had a profitable business model flying wealthy Chinese gamblers to Australia to gamble until the Chinese state intervened.

Stakeholders map

Some stakeholders can be really difficult. Watch this video to learn about seven steps of stakeholder mapping and how to do it in focused manner.

Stakeholder engaging

Watch this video to learn about the five top things you can do to improve the engagement of stakeholders on your project or program.

The Moscow technique

Interacting with the stakeholders they will have all kinds of request. It can sometimes be very hard to figure out what is truly important to them and should be prioritized by the project and what is less important. Watch this video introducing the MoSCoW technique – to help prioritize.