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Davies, A., Dodgson, M., & Gann, D. (2016). Dynamic capabilities in complex projects: The case of London Heathrow Terminal 5. Project Management Journal47(2), 26–46.

Read this article to learn about how certain types of dynamic capabilities are required to deliver large, complex, and risky projects involving multiple parties. Based on a study of the design and construction of Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 by the British Airports Authority.

Terhorst, A., Lusher, D., Bolton, D., Elsum, I., & Wang, P. (2018). Tacit Knowledge Sharing in Open Innovation Projects. Project Management Journal49(4), 5–19.

Read this article to learn about the importance of tacit knowledge sharing to succeed with open innovation Projects.

Geithner, S. & Menzel, D. (2016). Effectiveness of Learning Through Experience and Reflection in a Project Management Simulation. Simulation and Gaming, 47(2), 228–256.

Play can be serious. Read the article by Geithner and Menzel, et al. (2016) on the effectiveness of learning through experience and reflection in a project management simulation.

Coldevin, G. H., Carlsen, A., Clegg, S. R., Pitsis, T. S., & Antonacopoulou, E. (2018), Organizational creativity as idea work: Intertextual placing and legitimating imaginings in media development and oil exploration, Human Relations, 72(8), 1369–1397.

Learn about Organizational creativity as idea work.