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Watch the video with this TED Talk, John Doerr suggests that the secret of success is setting the right goals through a widely used system that focus on Objectives and Key Results.

Smart goals

Watch this video to learn about how to establish goals, in particular how to develop SMART goals.

Project basics on how to manage projects

Watch this video with a summary of key aspects of project management. It can be a useful revision of project basics.


Milestones can help you focus on the right things in your project and help pace the projects. Watch this video on how to define good milestones and milestone planning.


Watch the video tutorial about PERT to learn about how to construct the project network; find the expected duration; the variance of each activity, the critical path and expected project completion time.

Activity planning

Watch the video on activity planning, how to use forward and backward pass to determine project duration and critical path.

Setting start and finish dates for activities

Watch the video to learn about how to determine the earliest start and earliest finish of activities. Learn about slack and float in project planning.