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Hill, P. (2015). More is less? Health in the Sustainable Development Goals. The Conversation, September 22.

Read the article by Hill (2015) to on reflect on what matters when it comes to health. It asks is it the case that: ‘More is less?’ And, what is the role of health issues in the Sustainable Development Goals?

Vanhoucke, M. (2018). Data-driven project management is good for your business: A business novel tells you why. New York: Apress.

A downloadable PDF that tells the story of a young project manager, Emily Reed, in charge of implementing a new way of managing projects based on a mix of facts and figures, in combination with experience and intuition. It is an unusual presentation of a highly rationalistic approach to project management.

Hamylton, S., & Balez, R. (2018). How a trip to Antarctica became a real-life experiment in decision-making. The Conversation, May 23.

Read about a unique experiment in blind decision-making and some of the lessons that can be learnt for it, arising from the Homeward bound project taking 77 female scientists to Antarctica.

Carlton, D. (2018). Lack of technical knowledge in leadership is a key reason why so many IT projects fail. The Conversation, 9 September.

Read this article to learn about the role of technical knowledge of leadership, and the role it plays in IT project. How does technical knowledge affect project failure?