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Psychological safety

Psychological safety is a salient enabler for project team members’ engagement in task solving and knowledge sharing. Watch this video to learn about the nature and role of psychological safety, and how it can be enabled.

The process of teaming

The process of teaming is viable to develop teams. Watch this video to learn about teaming. Teaming is here explained using the mining collapse in Chile in 2010.

Progress principle

Watch this video to learn about the nature and role of the progress principle, and how to enable progress among colleagues.

Groupthink - challenger

Watch this video to get an explanation about how the Challenger accident could happen and the important role emerging group think had leading to this accident.


How can it happen that people become confirm and answer the same as rest of the group even though they obviously are aware that they give the wrong answer and display signs of discomfort? Watch this video to learn about how and why conformity develops.


Group think can lead to dysfunctional teams and catastrophic decision. Listen to this talk to better understand this phenomenon and how it develops. Section: Dysfunctional project teams – subsection: groupthink


Many project teams will experience conflict. Watch the YouTube video discussing strategic proposals for uniting and fighting.