Further Reading

Hickeley, C. (2019). Humbolt Forum opening delayed until 2020. The Art Newspaper, 13 June.

Read this article to learn about an example of a project running way out over budget and time, Humboldt Forum museum in Berlin, Germany illustrate some of the issues project like these tend to turn into.

Dalby, S. (2019). Our house is on fire!’ Why Greta Thunberg infuriates conservatives. The Conversation, 30 September.

Read this article to learn about why Thunberg’s success is due in part to the fact that she’s had a substantial impact in alerting many people, especially the young, to the unfolding climate catastrophe of the Anthropocene.

Naar, L., & Clegg, S. (2018). Models as Strategic Actants in Innovative Architecture. Journal of Management Inquiry27(1), 26–39.

Read this article to learn about the role models can play in strategic architecture – they can be actants of strategic work.