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What is Project risk management

Watch a YouTube video by Mike Clayton explaining ‘What is project risk management?’ in under five minutes.

Unknown unknowns

Some uncertainties are very difficult to grasp and understand upfront in the project. They are often labelled the unknown unknowns. Watch this video where Donald Rumsfeld talks about the unknown unknowns.

Indexicality of contractual language

When collaborations are governed by contracts it is very important to understand the indexicality of contractual language. Learn more about indexicality in the following video.

Risk management

Understanding risks and risk management in projects. Learn about three different types of risk analysis in the following video.

95% confidence interval

What does a 95% confidence interval mean?

Simulating uncertainty

Learn how you can analyse uncertainty using Monte Carlo simulation in this video.

Black swans

Watch this video about black swan projects. The black swan label refers to extremely uncertain projects that can evolve in a manner that is almost impossible to foresee.