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Kamski, B (2019). Why Ethiopia’s showcase sugar projects face huge challenges. The Conversation, 15 September.

There are many aspects to projects. Please read the article by Kamski (2019) about the Kuraz sugar project titled ‘Why Ethiopia’s showcase sugar projects face huge challenges’.

Cunha, M.P., Giustiniano, L., Rego, A. & Clegg, S.  (2016). Mission impossible? The paradoxes of stretch goal setting. Management Learning, 48(2), 140–157.

Stretch goal setting is paradoxical but attractive because it holds great promise, yet it is dangerous because it triggers processes that are hard to control. Before adopting stretch goal setting, managers should be prepared for the tensions and contradictions created by nested or interwoven, as discussed by Cunha, et al. (2016).

Cormack, Z. (2019) How Kenya’s mega wind power project is hurting communities. The Conversation, 3 September.

Read about the dilemma between fulfilling base-load requirements for electricity generation and contributing to climate change and global warming. How can we welcome megaprojects that are established to deliver energy through sustainable energy resources such as solar and wind power, shouldn’t we?

Stemmie, C. (2019). What is the Planning Fallacy (and How Can It Derail Your Time Management Efforts)? (accessed 19 October 2020).

Read the online article from Connie Stemmie (2019) to learn about key issues of planning fallacy and advice on how to avoid the planning fallacy at:

Matthews, T., Ambry, C., Baker, D., & Byrne, J. (2016) Here’s how green infrastructure can easily be added to the urban planning toolkit. The Conversation, 25 April.

We will see more and more green projects. Read the article to learn about how green infrastructure can easily be added to the urban planning toolkit.

John Thwaites, J., & Ferraro, S. (2016) 2050 climate targets: nations are playing the long game in fighting global warming. The Conversation, 4 November.

Read the article by Thwaites and Ferraro to learn about how to co comprehensive follow up, evaluating various action plans and milestones established by different governments are evaluated in terms of their planning for low-emission targets.