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Zhu, Y. -Q., Gardner, D. G., & Chen, H. -G. (2018). Relationships between work team climate, individual motivation, and creativity. Journal of Management44(5), 2094–2115.

Team climate has salient effects both on the performance and satisfaction of the individual project team member and team performance. Read this article to learn about salient aspects of team climate.

Terhorst, A., Lusher, D., Bolton, D., Elsum, I., & Wang, P. (2018). Tacit Knowledge Sharing in Open Innovation Projects. Project Management Journal49(4), 5–19.

Read the following article on how motivation predicts tacit knowledge sharing in project teams and how project managers need to promote knowledge sharing through facilitating a team culture that satisfies members’ needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness.

Wu, W.-Y., Rivas, A. A. A., & Liao, Y.-K. (2017). Influential factors for team reflexivity and new product development. Project Management Journal48(3), 20–40.

Read this article to learn about the importance of existing knowledge, task familiarity, and procedural justice to facilitate project success by encouraging team reflexivity.