Further Reading

Main, M. (2017). Papua New Guinea gets a dose of the resource curse as ExxonMobil’s natural gas project foments unrest. The Conversation, 9 March.

Read this article for the ‘in practice’ exercise. The article discuss issues of natural gas projects worth reflecting on.

Ballard, R., & Rubin, M. (2018). Why megaprojects to deliver houses in South Africa might not work. The Conversation, 23 May.

Mega projects are complex. Read this article to learn about the difficulties mega projects can run into, based on a case from South-Africa.


Project management reports are common in projects. Read this to get advices about how to write a project management report.

Alexander, M. (2017). How to deal with toxic project team members. TechRepublic, 7 June.

Read the article by Alexander on ‘How to deal with toxic team members’.