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The learning organization

The author of the renowned book ‘The fifth discipline’ Watch Senges’ talk about the key principles of becoming a learning organization.

Dynamic capabilities

Dynamic capabilities are known to be important to deal with uncertainty and to be able to innovate. On this YouTube video you will find Teeces term dynamic capabilities explained.

Knowledge management

Nonaka and Takuchi have developed a model for knowledge management, labelled SECI. Watch this video to get a simple presentation of this model.

The power of disruptive innovation

Professor Clayton  Christensen at Harvard Business School explains on this YouTube video the power of disruptive innovation to make health care more affordable.

Adopting the innovation diamond

The innovation diamond is a ‘recipe-like’ approach to dealing with a significant amount of uncertainty in major innovation projects for the development of commercial products. In this video Aaron Shenhar describe how to use the innovation diamond must be done in an adaptive way.