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Unterhitzenberger, C., & Bryde, D. J. (2019). Organizational justice, project performance, and the mediating effects of key success factors. Project Management Journal50(1), 57–70.

Read this article to learn about setting up project teams. Putting a project team together involves many risks. Projects are under constant pressure to improve performance. Unterhitzenberger and Bryde propose a framework for success.

Lappi, T., Karvonen,T., Lwakatare, L.E., Aaltonen, K. & Kuvaja, P. (2018). Toward an Improved Understanding of Agile Project Governance: A Systematic Literature Review. Project Management Journal, 49(6), 39–63.

In their article ‘Toward an improved understanding of agile project governance: A systematic literature review’, Lappi, Karvonen, Lwakatare, Aaltonen, and Kuvaja (2018) provide a literature review and identify new practices emerging in agile projects.

Tabassi, A. A., Abdullah, A., & Bryde, D. J. (2019). Conflict Management, Team Coordination, and Performance within Multicultural Temporary Projects: Evidence from the Construction Industry. Project Management Journal50(1), 101–114.

Read the article to learn about conflicts can be managed, and how to work with team co-ordination as this is known to affect project performance.

van Marrewijk, A., Ybema, S., Smits, K., Clegg, S., & Pitsis, T. (2016). Clash of the titans: Temporal organizing and collaborative dynamics in the Panama Canal megaproject. Organization Studies37(12), 1745–1769.

Read this article to learn about how National culture can affect collaboration and organizing dynamics in projects.