Further Reading

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Read for IN PRACTICE – about the Slum dwellers’ project. It elaborated on how the most basic necessities of life, such as shelter, are in short supply throughout much of the world.

Danso-Wiredu, E. Y., & Midheme’s, E. (2017): Slum upgrading in developing countries: Lessons from Ghana and Kenya? Ghana Journal of Geography9(1): 88–108.

Read the article by Danso-Wiredu and Midheme’s (2017) article, ‘Slum upgrading in developing countries: lessons from Ghana and Kenya?

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Read this article to learn about flexible goals in exploratory projects.

Guide to Successful Project and Asset Delivery: Getting it Right Up Front

Read this guide to project delivery from the Australian Construction Industry Forum. The focus of this guide is the front end of projects – project initiation, project.

Saulwick J., & Nicholls S. (2017). The Sydney stadium wars: how did we get here? The Sidney Morning Herald, December 8.

Read the information about the Sydney stadium wars found on the two links for the in-practice exercise.

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By most criteria, this looked like a relative failure as a change management project, but the paper shows a number of factors like, inadequate communication and training to prepare personnel for the change, led to this as the change program was insufficiently embedded in existing organizing processes and practices.