China Welcome Report: VisitBritain

Interview with Visit Britain about the ‘GREAT China Welcome’ to increase the attractiveness of GB to the Chinese Tourist.

  • Boracay Beach closure
  • This Australian news report provides a brief overview of the closure and reopening of Boracay, a popular tourism destination in the Philippines. After tourism caused great environmental damage to the island, new regulatiosn were introduced for a more sustainable travel sector.
  • Brief history of the US National Park System
  • This ABC News video provides a brief historical overview of how the US National Park System was established.
  • NYC High Line
  • In this video, a TIME journalists visits the first section of the NYC Highline, which opened in 2009. He is acccompanied by one of the designing architects, Ricardo Scofido.
  • Galapagos tourism impact on animal life
  • Thousands of tourist visitors to the environmentally fragile Galapagos islands threaten the survival of the animals they travel to see. Giant tortoises are infected with human diseases they have avoided for hundreds of years due to their isolation from the mainland.
  • Eco-tourism in Indonesia's Coral Triangle
  • Indonesia's Coral Triangle is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, but destructive fishing practices are threatening ocean life. In this video, we meet the conservation pioneers who are reviving these waters—bringing species back from the brink of extinction.