China Welcome Report: VisitBritain

Interview with Visit Britain about the ‘GREAT China Welcome’ to increase the attractiveness of GB to the Chinese Tourist.

  • The economic impacts of tourism
  • This video by the Tourism Alliance goves examples of the types of economic impacts that are associated with tourism.
  • The multiplier effect
  • This video offers a brief, visual introduction of the concept of the multiplier effect in economics.
  • The rise and fall of Detroit
  • This video  looks at how the city went from the richest in the U.S. to the most poverty stricken. It provides background to snapshot 8.4. It discusses the successes and challenges that have accompanied (tourism) gentrification in the city.
  • The 'Guggenheim' effect (Bilbao)
  • This news feature discusses how Bilbao  in Spain placed cultural tourism as the centre of its regeneration plans, and whether the success of the Guggenheim Museum can be replicated in other cities.