Further Readings

Revived Originals – A proposal to deal with cultural overtourism

In this paper, the authors propose the concept of ‘Revived Originals’:  identically reproductions of heavily visited historical sites in a suitable other location. This strategy would offer greater protection for vulnerable historic sites.

  • The Habit of Holidays
  • This article examines the holiday decision-making behaviour of Danish people
  • The Structure of Globalised Travel: a relational country-pair analysis
  • This article explores relationships between generating and destination countriesand how they are affected by globalisation. It investigates the relationship between travel and relative inequalities, institutional connections, and cultural wealth.
  • Demographics of Hawaii leisure travel
  • This article measures the impacts of demographic and distance variables on household leisure travel to Hawaii. The results show that location, income, household type, and other demographic variables have large impacts on the probability that a household will travel to Hawaii