China Welcome Report: VisitBritain

Interview with Visit Britain about the ‘GREAT China Welcome’ to increase the attractiveness of GB to the Chinese Tourist.

  • National Geographic report on Amish tourism
  • In this video, a National Geographi reporter and Amish person team up to visit Amish country. While tourism brings in visitor spending, it is clear that the money doesn't always reach the Amish communities.
  • Orphan tourism in Nepal
  • Visitors in Nepal think they are helping orphans by volunteering, but many of the children are trafficked, and have parents. This video illustrates the dark side of orphan tourism.
  • Poverty and the Rio Olympics
  • As Rio prepared to host the OLympic Games in 2016, it invested heavily in new infrastructure and transportation systems. But the city also attempted to hide poor people from view of foreign onlookers.
  • The power of indigenous tourism
  • This video discusses the social and economic benefits that are created through Aboriginal tourism in Canada. First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people from across Canada share stories that highlight how tourism has allowed them to grow, adapt, and evolve to engage with visitors.