China Welcome Report: VisitBritain

Interview with Visit Britain about the ‘GREAT China Welcome’ to increase the attractiveness of GB to the Chinese Tourist.

  • The Venice Syndrome documentary trailer
  • This is a trailer for a documentary that shows what remains of Venetian life: a subculture of tourist service industries; a port for monstrous cruisers which is waiting to be expanded; Venetians who are moving to the mainland as there are no longer affordable apartments to be found; an aged noblewoman who treats the municipal council with scorn; a realtor who is considering abandoning the sinking ship.
  • Completion of the Lavaux IV show cave
  • This video was shot around the inauguration of the International Centre for Cave Arts, dubbed Lascaux IV, in France. The museum features a full-scale replica of the Lascaux caves, as the real ones are closed to the public.
  • Boracay beach closure
  • CNN gives a special report on Boracay Beach in the Philippines. Known all over the world as a top tourist destination, the island shut down for months of intensive clean-up operations.
  • A pause in overtourism in Venice due to COVID-19
  • Venice is a quitessential example of overtourism. During the COVID-19 pandemic, tourist arrivals came to an almost complete halt. Despite the economic impacts of the shutdown, Venetians reflect on how they would like to see tourism management going forward.