Further Readings

Revived Originals – A proposal to deal with cultural overtourism

In this paper, the authors propose the concept of ‘Revived Originals’:  identically reproductions of heavily visited historical sites in a suitable other location. This strategy would offer greater protection for vulnerable historic sites.

  • Air Pollution and Tourism: Evidence from G20 Countries
  • "This articles examines the effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) and  particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions on tourist arrivals in a panel of G20 countries. Results suggest that the growth of both CO2 and PM2.5 emissions adversely affects international tourist arrivals. The results also show that the observed effect of CO2 emissions is more pronounced in developed economies, while the effect of PM2.5 emissions is stronger for developing economies. "
  • Bootstrapping tourism post-COVID-19: A systems thinking approach
  • " This article uses systems thinking to recommend interventions to help restart local tourism.The authors argue that rebooting tourism is key to rebooting the economy and propose policy initiatives  to achieve this."
  • Pandemic in Paradise: Tourism pauses in Bali
  • "This article outlines how Covid 19 interrupted Bali's tourism systemand suggests that although at first, residents were hopeful that new forms of tourism would emerge, a return to mass tourism seems most likely"