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Video Clips

  • Counseling and Religion
    • Dr. Harold G. Koenig discusses religion and counseling. Dr. Koenig is Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences,
  • How Therapy and Spirituality Meet
    • This video discusses psychology and how it offers great benefit in supporting people to look at what's really going on in their inner world, spirituality offers a look at essential values like compassion and peace. The combination is the golden center of life. Inquiry: Will you support the transformative meeting point by asking,
  • Spirituality and Group Therapy
    • There are so many ways to introduce spirituality in group therapy. Research is showing spirituality to be an effective addition to group therapy in populations such as refugees, mental health patients, and in combination with models such as CBT, in addition to the more well known populations where spiritual group therapy has been practiced.
  • Religious Denial
    • Counselor Patrick Doyle of Veritas Counseling talks about religious denial and discusses ways to recognize and confront it.

Audio Clips