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Article 1: Pekerti, A. A., Moeller, M., Thomas, D. C., & Napier, N. K. (2015). n-Culturals, the next cross-cultural challenge: Introducing a multicultural mentoring model program. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 15(1), 5-25.

Summary: This article advances current conceptualizations of multicultural identities by identifying constituent elements of multicultural identity as knowledge, identification, internalization, and commitment. This article provides some solutions to managing multicultural challenges in organizations, such as conflicting values and identities. It also offers solutions on how individuals and organizations can leverage their identities in relation to the multiculturalism continuum to achieve desired workplace outcomes.

Questions to consider:

  1. What do the authors define as n-Culturals, and why do they propose they are important?
  2. How can you provide solutions to managing multicultural challenges in your organization?


Article 2: Nethsinghe, R. (2012). Finding balance in a mix of culture: Appreciation of diversity through multicultural music education. International Journal of Music Education, 30(4), 382-396.

Summary: This study explores the understandings of cultural diversity as enacted in multicultural music education. This phenomenological qualitative case study explores how Sri Lankan/Australian students use music in their construction of self-identity in multicultural Australia. Three themes were identified as significant to the understanding of the participants concerning multicultural music studies. These findings contribute to the understanding of providing multicultural music education programs for students, which appears to be a pressing global challenge.

Questions to consider

  1. How does understanding culture with regards to music important to furthering your understanding of others?
  2. How do you feel music can be used to help clients journey through their difficulties and move towards wholeness?