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  • Bi-Gender: A Lesson in Gender Identity
    • In 'Bi-Gender: A Lesson In Gender Identity', Davidson discusses gender identity, what it means to exist outside of the gender binary, and ways in which friends and families of genderqueer people can respect the individuals in their lives.
  • Sex vs Gender & Sexual Orientation vs Gender Identity
    • Sex and gender, as well as sexual orientation and gender identity, differ in that sex is what we are assigned at birth, our genitals, chromosomes, biological, and physiological characteristics. While gender is how we behave, present ourselves, and is psychological.
  • Transgender Basics
    • Transgender Basics is a 20 minute educational film on the concepts of gender and transgender people.
  • Why Is Gender Identity So Important?
    • In 2002, after a life long struggle with her gender identity, Rikki Arundel decided to change her gender, a decision that brought her successful speaking career in financial services technology to an abrupt halt.


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