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Video Clips

  • The Lie of Meritocracy
    • How did American society get to this point of gross inequality? That's the question MSNBC host Chris Hayes tackles in this EPIPHANY episode discussing his most recent book, Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy.
  • International Counseling
    • How BCC is training Counselors all over the world. Thank you for your support!!
  • Cultural Aspects of Globalization
    • This video presents a lecture about the cultural aspects of globalization


Audio Clips

  • Shades of Meritocracy
    • Commentator Alain de Botton explores the darker side of a western ideal: meritocracy.
  • South Carolina Community Leaders on Civil Rights Today
    • As the nation observes the birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., South Carolina's communities of color are considering their progress in the plight for social justice. The Rev. Joe Darby, a former NAACP leader in the state, is joined by State Rep. Bakari Sellers and Myriam Torres, an expert on Latino immigration, to discuss the future of civil rights in the southern state.
  • What Katrina Taught Us About Race
    • As Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, it exposed a raw nerve of racial tensions in a city that had long prided itself on tolerance. A year later, much of the bitterness remains unresolved, and New Orleans is shaping up as a much different city.