Discussion Questions

How Can You Be Most Effective in Helping Darryl and Samar?

After reading Chapter 16, discuss the following questions, keeping in mind the following items:

  • Your developmental status of a multicultural identity, especially racial and sexual identities
  • How multicultural counseling is defined (Chapter 6)
  • What social justice counseling entails (Chapter 14)
  1. How do you conceptualize the major clinical issues Darryl and Samar presented?
  2. In what ways might your multicultural identity influence how you view Darryl and Samar?
  3. What goals do you want to set for your work with Darryl and Samar?
  4. In what ways are your goals reflective of a multicultural counseling perspective?
  5. What directions and strategies do you want to use in achieving these goals?
  6. How does a social justice counseling paradigm influence your decisions?
  7. What possible differences do you see between traditional counseling approaches and your approach as reflected in the answers to the above questions?