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Video Clips

  • Managing Your Prejudices
    • This video discusses cultural competence and how professionals can manage their prejudices.
  • Mental Health Services
    • Mental Health Services in CT is fragmented, inconsistent and inadequate, and there are too many barriers to getting adequate services.
  • Health Inequities and the Glasglow Effect
    • The Glasgow Effect describes the widest differences in life expectancy in the UK, between 54 years in some areas compared to 82 years in the m


Audio Clips

  • Study Reveals Wild Disparities In American Hospital Pricing
    • On Wednesday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a massive spreadsheet containing a comparison of what hospitals across the country bill for the 100 most popular medical procedures. The document revealed wild disparities in pricing from hospital to hospital. Robert Siegel speaks with Princeton professor Uwe Reinhardt, who studies health care economics, about how the American hospital system evolved this way.
  • Weaned On Youth, Silicon Valley Keeps Older Workers On Sidelines
    • Writer Noam Scheiber talks about a predominant strain of ageism in the tech industry, a Silicon Valley culture which often prizes youth as commodity and relegates older workers to token roles.
  • High Court: Age-Discrimination Suits Need Not Prove Intent
    • The Supreme Court rules in a 5-3 vote that workers in some cases can win age discrimination claims in court without proving intentional discrimination. The court said employers adopting policies that disproportionately affect workers over the age of 40 can be sued.