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Video Clips

  • What’s Right About Social Justice
    • In this video, Professor Matt Zwolinski argues that both free market advocates and social justice proponents can agree that the rules of a just society should work for the maximum advantage of its poorest members.
  • Debate: Is There Too Much Inequality in America?
    • This video discusses the distribution of wealth in America with an expansive discussion relevant to the fact that the wealth in America is lopsided in the favor of the 1%
  • Diversity, Cultural Competency and Social Justice Frameworks in Schools
    • Dr. Hackman discusses the critical differences between employing frameworks of diversity, cultural competency, and social justice in educational settings and the way that a social justice approach advances critical thinking skills.
  • Should Majorities Decide Everything?
    • Under a democratic system of government, how is an individual protected from the tyranny of the majority? According to Professor Munger, democratic constitutions consist of two parts: one defining the limits within which decisions can be made democratically, and the other establishing the process by which decisions will be made.

Audio Clips

  • Separate And Unequal': Racial Divides In Higher Ed
    • A new report suggests that more white students are heading to top tier colleges, while their black and Hispanic counterparts are turning to low tuition, open-access institutions. Host Michel Martin speaks with Georgetown's Anthony Carnevale, about what the numbers mean.
  • Is Income Inequality A Problem In The U.S.?
    • According to the latest Census figures, the wealthiest Americans saw huge jumps in their income, while the rest had their incomes go down. For a deeper understanding of the wealth gap, Steve Inskeep talks to Tyler Cowen, an economist at George Mason University, and Matthew Yglesias, who writes about economics for the website
  • Civil Rights Fight of Today: Complacency
    • Host Michel Martin talks with a group of young leaders about the future of civil rights. She asks about the social justice issues of today and the evolution of activism.