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‘What would you do?’ Videos  featuring Stewart and Tyrone debating what they would do in the scenarios outlined in the text, will provide useful pointers for your decision making.

Videos help you get a better understanding of key concepts and provoke in-class discussion.

Multiple Choice Questions at the end of every chapter help you to test your knowledge and prepare for your exams.

Journal articles provide useful further reading to help you delve deeper and support your assignments.

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Flashcards help you strengthen your understanding of key terms and concepts

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Tutor’s Guide provides insight into how to use the book in your own teaching as well as how you might use the exercise and case studies found in the book.

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Testbank offers a wide range of multiple choice, short-answer and long-answer assessment questions complete with model answers.

Chapter 5 of Clegg Managing and Organizations 5e

Additional Case Studies aid the quality of the learning experience for students.

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