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All religious organizations have strong value commitments that proclaim their faith. Despite this, many members of many organized religions have in recent years been found guilty of major breaches of those values, including sexual and physical abuse. One such case, by no means the only one, concerned the Salvation Army in Australia.

Consultancies claimed to be able to build organizational cultures akin to communities or tight-knit ‘clans’, replete with images of mutual support, solidarity and commitment.

In early 2018, the international UK-based company, Carillion plc, a major construction and outsourcing company, collapsed into liquidation. Carillion had a very positive organizational culture, according to its website. Read about its organizational culture and then read about some other versions of its organizational reality at the other two sites.

Geert Hofstede, the writer best known for having measured national culture in terms of values, studied only one organization – but he studied it in over 40 countries! 

We can learn something about organization culture by following the #MeToo movement. Research #MeToo in your country: what policies are being debated related to organizational cultures based on sexual harassment and bullying? What does the available evidence suggest debate considers criminal, what is defined as legal but intolerable in a workplace, and what cultural practices are tolerated in the workplace? What experiences can you bring to the debate?

Silicon Valley culture is lionized for its innovative potential globally, with many imitators in many countries. But what constitutes this famous Californian culture? Accenture, the global consulting company, found out.