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Take the example of the young activist Jonah Peretti who challenged the global sportswear brand Nike. Nike offered a customization option for some of its sneakers, where users could have their own tagline printed on the shoe. Peretti asked for the word ‘sweatshop’ to be printed on his trainers. Nike declined his request. You can find the full exchange by going to the Guardian website at www.guardian.co.uk and then searching for ‘Jonah Peretti and Nike’

On 9 April 2017, United Airlines made global news when a 69-year-old doctor, David Dao, from Kentucky was forcibly dragged off a United flight after he refused to give up his seat for an employee of a partner airline. Dr Dao (a paying customer) was violently removed from the plane, knocked and suffered lost teeth and a broken nose. The footage went viral and United’s CEO Oscar Munoz initially defended the actions of staff and publicly called Dr Dao ‘belligerent’. The stock price effect was instantaneous.

To see the world of glamorous advertisement and some outstanding ads, see the homepage of the International Advertisement Festival in Cannes.

What is your take? Have Trump’s tweets been an integral part of the historical meeting? How has Twitter changed the nature of global politics and the nature of communication?