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See Talk #10: Organizational Politics, by Professor Richard Badham of Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney, Australia, one of a series of online audio-visual seminars on Managing Organizations, edited by Professor Stewart Clegg

Functional conflicts

Subsequent theorists such as Pondy (1967, 1992) and Thomas (1992) also contributed to a changing view of conflict in organizations

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what Ury (2010) refers to as ‘getting from no to yes’.

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Basic scientific method helps us appreciate this with the story of Dr Alice Stewart, as written by Margaret Heffernan (2012) in TED Talks in a piece called ‘Dare to disagree’.

Power, politics and conflict

Whereas early modern organizational conflict research regarded conflict as dysfunctional and focused on ways to remove it, many analysts began to see conflict as intrinsic to human relationships

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Conflicts in organizations can often turn toxic. Animosities can simmer and build. Resentments curdle

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Controversial mining in queensland