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Writing in The Conversation in 2013, Professor Christine Parker discusses how the duopolistic structure of the supermarket industry in one country, Australia, predisposes the organizational field to being one of profound inter-organizational conflict. The main reason is the extreme disparity in power between the players in the field.

Conflict is now viewed as a potentially productive force because it could improve performance, innovation and decision-making in organizations.

What are the pros and cons of this form of peer review?

In Scandinavian management, the core values are care and trust, with great responsibility delegated to individual employees. This Scandinavian culture is thought to promote more creative workplaces in which the flat power structure means that the short distance from top to bottom strengthens the flow of ideas through the organization.

See the website of the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution for insight into how conflicts might be well managed.

The Society for Human Resource Management maintains an informative website which provides an overview about how employers and employees can manage and resolve workplace conflict.