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In a piece that will be fascinating for any football fan, Simon Chadwick (2013) analyses why ‘managerial sackings in football seem to be the norm’. 

Success in power games is exhilarating, an anti-depressant. It can also induce the condition of impaired judgement, indispensability, risk blindness and emotional nullity, often referred to as ‘hubris’, after the term that the ancient Greeks used to refer to arrogance and contempt for others’ opinions

The article by Meg Jing Zeng suggests that, even under the conditions of authoritarian state censorship that exist in contemporary China, resistance is possible through the use of social media. Other feminist writers, such as Jessica Megarry, writing in The Conversation on 29 October 2017, would disagree: ‘hashtag activism’, she writes, ‘represents an impoverished form of feminist activism, containing few possibilities for sparking real social change’.

Herbert Simon recognized that few, if any, decisions are made under conditions of perfect rationality.