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Watch the talks

Talk #12: Improvising Improvisational Change, by Miguel Pinha e Cunha and Joao Vieira da Cunha, as well as Talk #5 in the series on the origins and development of management, called Innovation: The paradox of back to the future, by Johannes Pennings.

Watch this Ted Talk

It pays to empower your customers so that they can do the innovative thinking for you because they might know what they want, and what they do not want, better than do experts in a remote lab.

Watch the Lego Video

You will find many more examples if you search for Lego Innovations on YouTube, such as the really funny Lego Death Star Canteen which has been viewed more than 20 million times.

Watch a video about disruptors

Disruptive technologies are the key to innovation.

Watch the Jeopardy video

Watson was then developed and taught how to beat the two most successful champions of the popular TV show Jeopardy – check out the video.