1 Read – Chapters, Journal Articles, and Research Blogs: Find top research articles to cite and enrich your reading with your ready-made bibliography of qualitative research from SAGE books, journals, and other credible sources. Use the discussion questions online to practice thinking critically about research.

11.1 Research blogs

For an example of how one of my workshop students created a website, go to this Into the Minds blog post.

Q. Beyond connecting with the public, what other benefits stem from creating a website to support your project?

Q. What makes an engaging website?

11.2 Presenting your research

For useful information about research presentations, go to:

Byrne, D. (2017). How do I present my research at a conference? Project Planner.

Q. Out of the types of conference presentations covered here, which ones appeal most to you? Why?

Q. Abstracts are an important part of effective conference presentations. What key points would you include in yours?

11.3 Presentation best practice

For advice on good presentations of your research, read this online article: Some tips for preparing a research presentation.

Q. What other visual aids beyond PowerPoint slides might you use in a presentation?

Q. Think about a time when you were nervous in the past. How did you conquer your nerves?