1 Read – Chapters, Journal Articles, and Research Blogs: Find top research articles to cite and enrich your reading with your ready-made bibliography of qualitative research from SAGE books, journals, and other credible sources. Use the discussion questions online to practice thinking critically about research.

3.1 Frame analysis

For a brief explanation of frame analysis, go to the Social Research Glossary.

Q. How would you summarise frame analysis?

Q. What frames of reference might be most important to consider in relation to your research project?

3.2 Ethnomethodology

For a brief explanation of ethnomethodology, go to the Social Research Glossary

Q. What connects the different definitions of ethnomethodology given on this page?

3.3 Harvey sacks

The University of Leicester School of Psychology provides a one-page introduction to the work of Harvey Sacks.

Q. For what kinds of research would conversation analysis be most useful?

Q. How could you incorporate conversation analysis into your research?

3.4 CA

Find the text of an interview on conversation analysis with Emmanuel Schegloff on the UNLV Center for Democratic Culture website.

Q. According to Schegloff, how was conversation analysis developed?

Q. How do you think it could be developed further as a research tool?