1 Watch – Videos: Take masterclasses from other researchers – avoid common pitfalls, get encouragement, and ensure you’re going in the right direction with short videos that explore key terms and processes in qualitative research. Corresponding questions online help you internalize important lessons and apply them to your own project.

11.1 Involve your peers

Getting feedback from your peers - classmates or friends - can be extremely useful as a first step before supervisory feedback. Watch how to give, receive, and prioritize feedback from your peers.

Do you think your peers would be most helpful for foundational, middle-ground, or surface-level feedback?

How would you outline what you would like your peers to prioritize in their feedback?

11.2 Presenting as an undergraduate

Hear from an Undergraduate Research Office how they define successful oral presentations:

If you were to follow the typical presentation format outline here, are there any sections in particular that you would find challenging?

What do you think would engage an audience of your fellow students?

11.3 Improving your feedback

This webinar explores three things you can do to be better at giving feedback and three things you can do to be a better feedback recipient:

Think about the last time you received feedback on work you’d done. What went well about it? What could have been improved?

How could you positively seek out feedback on your research project?