1 Watch – Videos: Take masterclasses from other researchers – avoid common pitfalls, get encouragement, and ensure you’re going in the right direction with short videos that explore key terms and processes in qualitative research. Corresponding questions online help you internalize important lessons and apply them to your own project.

21.1: Problems in writing a literature review

In this short video, Zina O’Leary talks about common problems in writing a literature review:

How can you use the existing literature to support your own argument in the literature review? What argument will you make about the relevance and importance of your research question?

21.2: How to write a literature review

 Dr. Eric Jensen, Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick, and Dr. Charles Laurie, Director of Research at Verisk Maplecroft, explain how to write a literature review, and why researchers need to do so. Literature reviews can be stand-alone research or part of a larger project. They communicate the state of academic knowledge on a given topic, specifically detailing what is still unknown.

What patterns have you identified in the literature relevant to your project? What gaps in the existing knowledge can you highlight in your literature review?

21.3 Literature review for empirical research

For a helpful 15 minute talk on writing a literature review go to:

What three main tips will you take from this video about how to write your literature review?