1. How much data do you need in qualitative research?

a. as much as you can find

b. as little as possible

c. both quantitative and qualitative data

d. multiple kinds of qualitative data

e. multiple kinds of quantitative data

Ans: B – as little as possible

2. A ‘hypothesis’ is ______.

a. a set of concepts

b. a general approach to studying research topics

c. a testable proposition

d. all of these

e. None of these

Ans: C – a testable proposition

3. Naturalistic data is ______.

a. data untouched by human hands

b. data gathered by a value-free observer

c. data not produced by asking people questions

d. accurate data

e. all of these

Ans: C – data not produced by asking people questions. Naturalistic data occurs ‘naturally’ in the world, without intervention by the researcher.

4. Mixed methods are the most straightforward research design in which of the following research models?

a. constructionism

b. naturalism

c. positivism

d. all of these

e. Mixed methods research is never straightforward.

Ans: C – Positivism