1 Explore – Smartphone-based Activities: Put your investigative skills to the test with these quick interactive activities. Dig deeper into key concepts and understand how they might relate to your own research project via guided website searches and online discussion questions.

17.1 Alternative versions of qualitative research

Google Qualitative Research and list the main features you find.

Now list the features suggested in this edited transcript of a recent discussion about the nature of qualitative research in which a number of scholars respond to questions about their personal history with qualitative methods.

Ellis, C., Bochner, A., Denzin, N., Lincoln, Y., Morse, J., Pelias, R., & Richardson, L. (2008). Talking and Thinking About Qualitative Research. Qualitative Inquiry14(2), 254–284.

As you will see, the participants take a rather different position to my own. Which features relate best to your own project?

What are the major challenges qualitative researchers face in the next decade?