1 Read – Chapters, Journal Articles, and Research Blogs: Find top research articles to cite and enrich your reading with your ready-made bibliography of qualitative research from SAGE books, journals, and other credible sources. Use the discussion questions online to practice thinking critically about research.

25.1 Top 10 viva tips

For 10 tips from a successful PhD student on preparing for your viva, see this blog post on Preparing for your PhD viva.

Q. Did any of these tips surprise you?

Q. Which of these tips will be most useful for your viva preparation?

25.2 Surviving a viva

For a list of 17 top tips on preparing for and performing successfully during your Viva, see this Guardian article.

Q. Which tips would you implement for your viva preparation and performance?

Q. What do you think about doing a mock viva or creating pre-rehearsed answers?

25.3 The viva and beyond

For a useful guide to the viva and what comes afterwards, see Harriet Churchill & Teela Sanders chapter on The Viva and Beyond, from the book Getting your PhD:

Churchill, H. & Sanders, T. (2007). The viva and beyond. In Getting your PhD (pp. 115-126). SAGE Publications, Ltd.

Q. How can you best use your viva to prepare for what comes afterwards, regardless of the outcome? What do you want to get out of the process?