1 Watch – Videos: Take masterclasses from other researchers – avoid common pitfalls, get encouragement, and ensure you’re going in the right direction with short videos that explore key terms and processes in qualitative research. Corresponding questions online help you internalize important lessons and apply them to your own project.

3.1 Ethnomethodology

For a 10 minute video on ethnomethodology, go to:

What keywords would you use to describe ethnomethodology?

3.2 Participant observation

For a short video on participant observation, go to:

What was Dr. Andrew Kerrigan able to discover through participant observation? What are the advantages of participant observation that enabled him to gain these findings? 

3.3 Theoretical assumptions of qualitative research

For an illustrated talk that explores the assumptions behind qualitative research, go to:

Name three major assumptions behind qualitative research highlighted in this video. Where do these assumptions come from?