1. Good qualitative research ______.

a. avoids the assumption that research must always reveal what is hidden or secret

b. recognizes that what is usually of most interest is what is unremarkable to participants

c. avoids ironic comparisons between what people say and what they do

d. recognize that ‘experience’ is not more or less ‘authentic’ but narrated in ways that are open to lively investigation

e. all of these

Ans: E – all of these

2. It is time to start writing your dissertation ______.

a. when you have finished reading the literature

b. when you have worked out your research design

c. when you have got ethical approval

d. when you have finished data analysis

e. on day one

Ans: E – on day one

3. Which of these features is likely to lead to a well-received dissertation?

a. getting early feedback

b. getting support from fellow students

c. doing early data analysis

d. working with data that you can gather quickly

e. all of these

Ans: E – all of these