1 Collaborate – Think Critically: Learn from researchers who have been in your shoes – use their examples and experiences to explore how their ‘lessons learned’ can improve your own research approach. Take it one step further with additional thought-provoking questions online.

12.1 What other researchers say about sample size

Discuss with other researchers in your subject area how they have decided on their sample size, or consider Maddie and Neil’s experiences outlined in this chapter. How do they justify their sample size and how is this connected to their research problem?’

12.2 Comparing case study method rationales

This classic paper explains the rationale behind the case-study method in qualitative research.

Flyvbjerg, B. (2006). Five Misunderstandings About Case-Study Research. Qualitative Inquiry12(2), 219–245.

Lee Ruddin examines the arguments in Flyvbjerg’s paper:

Ruddin, L. P. (2006). You Can Generalize Stupid! Social Scientists, Bent Flyvbjerg, and Case Study Methodology. Qualitative Inquiry12(4), 797–812.

Do you think Flyvbjerg or Ruddin has the better argument?

How would you explain the value of your data to a sceptical quantitative researcher?