1. Defining qualitative research

Social science research ______.

a. is only valid if based on operational definitions of variables

b. must always use the random sampling of populations

c. needs to use official statistics in order to generate valid or generalizable social facts

d. all of these

e. None of these

Ans: E – None of these. These are associated with quantitative research.

2. What is naturalism?

Naturalism is a model which ______.

a. is based on empathy and shared understandings

b. seeks to understand the subjective lived experience

c. usually uses open-ended interviews

d. all of these

e. None of these

Ans: D – All of these

3. The range of qualitative methods

Qualitative research ______.

a. uses words

b. can use numbers

c. studies meanings

d. studies behaviour

e. all of these

Ans: E – All of these. All of these can be encompassed by qualitative research.