1 Watch – Videos: Take masterclasses from other researchers – avoid common pitfalls, get encouragement, and ensure you’re going in the right direction with short videos that explore key terms and processes in qualitative research. Corresponding questions online help you internalize important lessons and apply them to your own project.

12.1 Quality over quantity

For some reassuring words about the reliability of using a small number of interviews, go to:

How will you choose the sample size for your project?

12.2 What is a case study?

A short introduction to case study research on YouTube [sound only] is at: 

If you were to use case study methodology to pursue your research question, which of the four case types might be most appropriate? Why?

12.3 Common comparative research criticisms

Watch Bernd Marin explain common criticisms of this type of research—and how you can respond to those criticisms.

How might you contextualize and compare case studies from different regions or involve participants with different cultural backgrounds?