YouTube Videos

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs illustrated by Ratatouille


What You Need To Be Happy by Professor Ed Diener


A critique of the idea of individual responsibility: Sugar -- the elephant in the kitchen: Robert Lustig at TEDxBermuda 2013
(Also relevant to chapter 10)


The Tattered Ideology of Personal Responsibility 


Three Minute Theory: What is Neoliberalism?



YouTube is potentially an amazingly diverse resource. However, with some notable exceptions, the quality of YouTube videos in many areas of health psychology is variable. The selections suggested below offer a variety of perspectives on relevant issues complementing the chapters in the textbook. While every effort has been made to choose videos that contain accurate information, we can accept no responsibility for the content or for the opinions expressed which reside with the video makers. There is a need for more in-depth, high-quality, scientifically-based content for students of health psychology on YouTube.