YouTube Videos

My Brain Cancer Story, by Jacob Walker. ‘Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Prior to my first Neurosurgeon appointment, I started documenting key events on camera. This is my journey from diagnosis, through surgery and into life beyond the brain cancer illness’.


Beyond Breast Cancer: Stories of Survivors. Nine women survive breast cancer only to discover that their health struggles continue after their cancer treatment ends. Sponsored by The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation


Living with Cancer – Michelle's Story 


Reversing Coronary Heart Disease


HIV Stigma – I have judged. other people are going to judge me, by HIV Foundation Queensland. Stories from Queenslanders living with HIV and the stigma they and their loved ones deal with every day. Hear how, despite the many misconceptions surrounding HIV, they continue to live and love life to the full


A Certain Kind Of Death – Documentary: ‘Unblinking and unsettling, this documentary lays bare a mysterious process that goes on all around us – what happens to people who die with no next of kin.’


To Live Until You Die – Dr Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Filmed in 1983, Dr. Kübler-Ross discusses end of life issues including forgiveness and the concept of unconditional love


Kübler-Ross model.
(This video is targeted to blind users – i.e. it is audio only)


Do you agree with euthanasia? – Woman's Assisted Suicide Gets Filmed. Clip from Documentary ‘Dignitas - la mort sur ordonnance’ (2010)



YouTube is potentially an amazingly diverse resource. However, with some notable exceptions, the quality of YouTube videos in many areas of health psychology is variable. The selections suggested below offer a variety of perspectives on relevant issues complementing the chapters in the textbook. While every effort has been made to choose videos that contain accurate information, we can accept no responsibility for the content or for the opinions expressed which reside with the video makers. There is a need for more in-depth, high-quality, scientifically-based content for students of health psychology on YouTube.