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Welcome to the companion website for An Introduction to Criminal Justice, First Edition, by Jamie Harding, Pamela Davies and George Mair. The resources on the site have been specifically designed to support your study.

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Watch the following videos with have been carefully selected from the SAGE Video collection to align with key concepts covered in the book.

Working with Young Offenders 

Policing and Accountability

About the book:

A contemporary guide to the criminal justice process, the broad scope of this book means it will be a trusted companion throughout a Criminology and/or Criminal Justice degree.

The contents of An Introduction to Criminal Justice include:

  • 23 chapters spanning all that’s involved with, and fully contextualising, the criminal justice process: the agencies, institutions and processes and procedures that deal with victims, offenders and offending
  • A detailed timeline of criminal justice since 1945
  • Consideration of victims and witnesses, complaints and misconduct
  • A comprehensive review of policing, prosecution, the courts, imprisonment and community sanctions
  • A focus on community safety, crime prevention and youth justice
  • A review of the effectiveness of the criminal justice process
  • Exploration of global and international dimensions as well as the futures of criminal justice
  • Lots of helpful extras including further reading suggestions, case studies, self-study questions and a glossary of terms.

"To write an introduction to criminal justice which is coherent and accessible while recognising the complexity and sheer messiness of its subject-matter is a considerable challenge, to which the editors and contributors have risen admirably. The 23 chapters build up a rich picture of a diverse set of practices and their recent history and help the reader to situate current developments and controversies in a wider context."
- Tony Ward, Northumbria University



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