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The National Association for Youth Justice: 

The Standing Committee for Youth Justice

Youth Justice Board: 

Other learning resources

Just for Kids Law provide a youth justice legal update at:

The government publishes a range of annual statistics on youth justice: 

The Youth Justice Board publishes monthly figures on the child custodial population: 

Youth Justice Journal is one of the most important sources of academic materials and each issue contains a section on ‘Youth Justice News’: 

The following paper provides a comprehensive analysis of recent trends in the treatment of children in trouble in England and Wales: Bateman, T (2015) The state of youth justice: An overview of trends and developments. London: NAYJ. 

The Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime is one of the most important recent sources of empirical evidence on youth offending. The following article contains an overview of the study’s main findings: McAra, L. and McVie, S. (2010) ‘Youth crime and justice: Key messages from the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime’, Criminology and Criminal Justice, 10(2): 179–209. 

The following article provides an assessment of the impact of austerity on youth justice policy and practice: Bateman, T. (2014) ‘Where has all the youth crime gone? Youth justice in an age of austerity’, Children and Society, 28(5): 416–24.