Essay Questions

Prepare for exams and future essays with the questions below that align with key concepts discussed in the chapter. Try timing yourself as you write to practise in a mock exam environment. Create mindmaps of key themes, quotes and arguments you could include in an answer to use as a revision tool.

  1. Should academic criminologists always aim to be policy-relevant?
  2. Who, if anyone, should hold academic criminologists to account for the quality of their advice to policy and practice?
  3. Is it ethical to pay interviewees to talk about the crimes they have committed? Is it ethical to break the confidentiality of a research interview when the respondent admits to a previously undetected and serious crime?
  4. Should funders of research make sure that the work they commission is always published? Should government-funded research always be made publicly available?
  5. Will the government-sponsored What Works Centre for Crime Reduction make policy more disciplined in attending to proper evidence?